Synod on the Word of God

This synod won’t draw the attention that last one did on the Eucharist. But the Word of God is no doubt an important topic. Zenit released Rome’s “lineamenta,” or outline for this October’s synod. It includes a set of questions at the end of each section. Naturally, we lay folk are not invited to give a formal response, but imagine the spirit of the Catholic Church if we were actually encouraged to do more than complain about liturgical abuses? You can bet that most of my favorite “charitable” blogs aren’t going to go in depth on these questions. Even I’ll confess it’s a lot easier writing critiques than positive essays. Maybe we all need some practice.

Take a shot, if you wish, at these three questions asked of the world’s bishops from the introduction:

1. What “signs of the times” in your country give this Synod on the Word of God a particularly timely character? What do people expect from it?


2. What is the relation of the preceding Synod on the Eucharist to the present one on the Word of God?


3. Do experiences and practises with the Bible exist in your particular Church? What are they? Do Bible groups exist? Describe them and their activities.


And I offer a question of my own: how many bishops would ponder lay input on these questions and add them to their own offerings at this synod?

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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3 Responses to Synod on the Word of God

  1. Gavin says:

    I would argue that these SHOULD be issues the bishop knows about in respect to his people, without having to ask.

  2. Gavin:

    And I would say, based upon our organization having done thousands of personal one-on-one interviews with ordinary and ordained Catholics all over the world, that the actual lived experience of most lay Catholics is so different from that of ordained Catholics that both sides really do need to ask.

    What ordinary lay people will tell you under the right circumstances about what they really believe and experience and struggle with is simply stunning. That’s why part of our formation all for OP’s working with us is simply sending them on the road for a couple years to interact and listen to people’s stories of being used by God around the country.


    Great idea! Thought-provoking questions. I’d certainly have to stop and really wrestle to come up with a even remotely valuable response.

  3. Diane says:

    Like Sherry, I need to think about this a bit. But the question that caught my attention immediately was “What do people expect from [the Synod]?” How many people even know that it’s coming up? Seems to me that by exploring this document, we can do a lot to bring people’s attention to the distinctively Catholic approach to Scripture. Thanks for jumping in right away, Tood.

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