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Musicam Sacram: More Norms (9-12)

As Musicam Sacram draws to complete its first chapter outline of general norms, we read of matters of repertoire and style. First we see a pragmatic statement which pretty much opens up the repertoire to any suitable genre: 9. In … Continue reading

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Another Stumble for the Pro-Life Cause

I’m not often sure what to make of Archbishop Burke, over on the other side of my state. Morning’s Minion has a pretty fair measure of the man and his latest adventures in public relations. At first, I wasn’t going … Continue reading

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All-School Masses

Our parish school‘s administration and faculty have opted for a weekly practice of these in the coming school year. I already have my first draft of the liturgy schedule and homeroom assignments for preparation. Through this past year, it had … Continue reading

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Of the Family of Húrin and the Notion of a Curse

I’ve seen the release of the reconstructed and expanded story of the family of Húrin, originally published in the Silmarillion, chapter 21. When I read it back in ’77, I was disappointed that the editor seemed to rush his way … Continue reading

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