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Planet Six Goes Vegas

I’ll leave you with some newly posted images from the Cassini site on our ringed neighbor. First, we have an infrared image that looks surprisingly like Jupiter: But it’s really Saturn. Honest. Then we have this, as Geordi LaForge might … Continue reading

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Upcoming Liturgy Documents

I’d like to chart out what you can expect to see on our web site over the next several months regarding post-conciliar liturgy documents. In a few days, I’ll begin posting on the 1967 instruction Eucharisticum Mysterium, notable for advocating … Continue reading

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Rich Reasoning on Clergy Sex Abuse

Rich takes offense at attacks on the Catholic Church. It’s not a totally bad quality. I would welcome him on my side in a vigorous discussion. But I think his fixation on homosexuality is getting him into factual trouble. He posted … Continue reading

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Tres Abhinc Annos: Use of the Vernacular (28)

28. The competent territorial authority observing those matters contained in the Constitution on the Liturgy art. 36, § 3 and § 4 may authorize use of the vernacular in liturgies celebrated with a congregation for: the canon of the Mass; … Continue reading

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Tres Abhinc Annos: Funerals and Vestments (23-27)

Only two more posts to go on this document. Today we’re looking at funeral rites in chapter VI: 23. The color for the office and Mass for the dead may in all cases be violet. But the conferences of bishops … Continue reading

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Does This Mean That Proto-Americans Are Off The Hook?

Paul at Centauri Dreams blogs on a possible asteroid or comet event above North America thirteen millennia ago. From the BBC, a news item that scientists will present findings that link megafauna extinction, early human population collapse in the Western … Continue reading

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Why Composers Compose

On the Corporate Liturgy thread, I suggested one reason why Catholicism has seen so many composers since the 60’s: because the current musical situation is regarded as so unsatisfactory. Gavin’s not sure, but he does make a good point: ” … Continue reading

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