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Two Conceptions of Church Music

(This is Neil.) I can only add to our discussions of church music in a very, very small way. But perhaps I can help us look at some of the usual questions from a different angle and perhaps with a … Continue reading

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On Vocations

Rock posts an excellent commentary today on vocations. It’s not really any secret or big surprise to accomplished parish ministers, either: The bishop acts as his own vocation director. Looking around, it seems that getting the job done isn’t as … Continue reading

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The Winds of Carbon and Oxygen

The oxygen you breathe today may once have escaped from a black hole billions of years ago. Don’t believe me? The scientists from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico and from Harvard say it may be so. Fabrizio Nicastro of … Continue reading

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The Two Seas of Titan

In this “film noir” image from Cassini taken on 29 March this year, we’re flying directly over a northern latitude Earth equivalent to Dallas, Baghdad, or Tokyo. Some computer processing in the infrared wavelengths allows us to see the two … Continue reading

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Musicam Sacram on Choirs (18-21)

Far from denigrating the choir, Musicam Sacram attempted to reshape its role, according to principles of liturgy and the cultivation of a liturgical spirituality. The Consilium suggests the promotion of singing must be done with lay groups. This is surely … Continue reading

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