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Musicam Sacram: Sung and other Masses (27-28)

We begin section three of Musicam Sacram which is titled “Singing During Mass.” The preference is given not just for one sung Mass on Sundays and feasts, but that singing is preferably done as much as is possible: 27. For … Continue reading

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Look The World In The Eye

Thanks to Mark’s Irish Elk, I have a link to Ivan Hewitt’s piece on Wynton Marsalis calling out hip-hop. Marsalis’ latest album, From the Plantation to the Penitentiary, (closely titled, by the way, to this brief essay) includes “Where Y’all … Continue reading

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Cardinal Egan, Iconoclast

Regular readers know I have less love for pragmatic economizers among the episcopacy (and other pastorates) than good traditional/conservative bishops who actually appreciate the spiritual side of religion. So this little news item caught my attention today. Bishops like this … Continue reading

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Musicam Sacram on Choirs (22-26)

These five sections conclude part II of Musicam Sacram. In them we cover a few items rather quickly. Gender and age roles, including a concession for women-only choirs (But where are the girls?): 22. The choir can consist, according to … Continue reading

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