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Late Winter on Saturn

Saturn has an axial tilt of 26.73 degrees, about 3 degrees more than Earth’s, but very close. It takes almost thirty years to orbit the sun, so the equivalent seasons on the sixth planet are a bit longer than seven … Continue reading

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Death and Sex in Space

NASA has considered the former, but not the latter as it struggles to address ethical issues for long-term missions away from Earth. Space.com reports on the release of a NASA document that outlines the need to formulate ethical policies for … Continue reading

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Planetary Defense

George Washington University hosted a conference to discuss the prospect of defending Earth from an asteroid or comet impact. Material from the conference is available on this web site. SpaceRef.com reports on the major recommendations from conference participants  in a … Continue reading

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Musicam Sacram on the Three Degrees (29-31)

  I’ll say up front I think there are problems with Musicam Sacram‘s priorities. My readers know that I question the relative importance of priest-assembly dialogues that are not primarily addressed to God. Sure, the direction to “lift up your hearts” and the reply … Continue reading

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A to Z of Spiritual Music

An interesting project from Down Under, this site explores various aspects of music in an abecedary with musical topics such as “resonance” and emotional ones such as “fear.” There are talks from composer Richard Vella as well as his brief compositions … Continue reading

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Living Rosary Photogenics I

My friend Ed forwarded some of his images from our parish’s Eucharistic Procession and Living Rosary this past Monday night. The procession has just left the church here. After a medium warm day in Kansas City, the evening turned out … Continue reading

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