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Cannibalism on the Catholic Right

In a way, I hope Pope Benedict does something with the 1570/1962 Mass soon. It’s becoming a guilty pleasure watching conservative Catholics tear each other apart over minutiae as they wait for the liturgical dark clouds to part and a … Continue reading

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Persistence of Vision

I’ve often felt much of the heavy-handed criticism of liberation theology under the anti-Marxist banner was a little too extreme to be entirely out from the shadows of hypocrisy. An interesting discussion is shaping up on dotCommonweal on this NY … Continue reading

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Saturn Aswirl in Orange

This latest from the Cassini site: some nice colors coming through, though I wouldn’t want to be in any of those oval storms.

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Singing Psalm 148

I haven’t linked to one of my favorite sacred music programs in a while. For the God Who Sings features several settings of Psalm 148 in the 6 May program, plus other musical items on a dreamy theme. It’s linked … Continue reading

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Musicam Sacram on Various Liturgies (42-46)

Musicam Sacram takes five sections to look at the other six sacraments and some other liturgical celebrations of the Church.   42. The Council laid down in principle that whenever a rite, in keeping with its character, allows a celebration … Continue reading

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