Strange Maps

Surfing earlier tonight, I ran across a fascinating blog called strange maps. Way, way cool for a map geek like me.

Check out this map of evolution teaching.

And this one on how the red state/blue state situation shaped up last summer based on the  president’s approval rating.

My strange offering is this map of Australia I began to modify for an “alternate history” sf novel I considered on the premise of “What if Australia separated from Antarctica ten million years later than it did and was still a temperate continent ready for tens of millions of Dutch, Spanish, and English settlers in the 1800’s?” So here are the 37 states of Australia, which obviously wouldn’t have the same names for cities and places, but I thought it might have a set of “Great Lakes” up the center.


Here’s another map “drawn” from scratch about ten years ago when I first played around with speckling, shading, and other things to make ms paint look better:


And my personal favorite where I tried all sorts of things to make it look colorful, semi-realistic, and a bit strange:



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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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