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Ascension and Depression

(This is Neil.) The current “Credo” column in the Time is written by the Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Rowell, Anglican Bishop of Gibraltar. It is about depression, “literally a pressing down,” which can lead to “a morbid weariness that sucks us … Continue reading

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Mysteries of Dione

Among Saturn’s moons, Titan and Enceladus get most of the press. And rightly so. There’s something way cool about seas of liquid methane and dune fields of ice sand and erupting geysers that retard the rotation of a giant planet’s … Continue reading

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Thought Experiment: The Next Pastor

In a combox, Tony asked a question a few days ago that many church employees fantasize about: But what would you do if your next pastor was FSSP and went exclusively to TLM? Would you do what he says, or … Continue reading

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Mysterium Fidei 1-2

Our series on post-conciliar liturgy documents moves on to Paul VI’s encyclical on the Holy Eucharist, Mysterium Fidei. Weeks ago Liam suggested we not overlook it, and as I’ve prepared the document for posting, I agree with that assessment. Issued … Continue reading

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Prudence on the Death Penalty

… or is it just a word for “covering my moral butt?” Richard Myers at Mirror of Justice posts on the three potential stumbling points for a Catholic institution inviting President Bush: death penalty, Iraq War, and torture. imo, the … Continue reading

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Speaking of Speakers

Lots of discussion at Mirror of Justice on commencement speakers, their moral/political positions on issues of gravity, and whether or not they should appear under the auspices of the Catholic Church. My sense is that the public practice of first … Continue reading

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