Encyclopedia of Life

eol_logo_header.pngI was listening to NPR’s Science Friday last week when I heard about this.

Crystal jogged my memory when she blogged on it yesterday. So here’s the link to the internet resource that will eventually include every species of life on the Earth. And presumably elsewhere if and when we find it on Mars or Europa or Enceladus.

If you thought it was a problem that the world has five billion bloggers* just think of the chaos now that every animal, plant, fungus, protist, and prokaryote will each have their own species web page.

Meanwhile, meet the Death Cap Mushroom.

* gross exaggeration, but probably not for long


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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2 Responses to Encyclopedia of Life

  1. dustiam says:

    A false morel mushroom was once my almost downfall. Rather than tan or light brown, it was bright orange, yet still looked like a brain (similar to the delicious morel). I’m glad I checked a mushroom manual before trying to eat it.

    You mentioned 5 billion bloggers. Consider that some day everyone might be connected mentally to everyone else, with filters, prioritizers, alert mechanisms, overload protectors, etc. Each mind would have a small chip with a quantum communications device to access a super-internet of everyone and every library. The basis would be quantum communications using entangled particles now being studied by IBM and many other organizations.

  2. Todd says:

    One of my Scout leaders was an amateur botanist and we collected lots of edible plants to sample while on his hikes. His opinion was to leave the mushrooms to the experts. And he knew he wasn’t one.

    Yes, that in-body connection will be with us sooner than we think. I suspect that by the time it comes, chips will be as obsolete as stagecoaches, and all we’ll have to do is drink a few ounces of something that will do all the right things.

    Then the problem might be getting spammed when your inner computer detects a new cancer cell and you get 10,000 medical services vying to download their anti-cancer zap for you.

    I’m waiting for the displays for the inner eyelid. That will be cool.

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