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Mysterium Fidei 21-22: Example of the Apostles

Trust in the apostles and their successors, Paul VI urges: 21. Moreover, the Holy Gospel alludes to this when it tells of the many disciples of Christ who turned away and left Our Lord, after hearing Him speak of eating … Continue reading

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The 2005 West Antarctica Melt

Ice melts, but refreezes before it can drain into the ocean. Colored areas above show areas affected about the size of California. Funny how nobody seems to dispute the fact of climate change these days, only who’s not responsible.

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“A Completely Different Kind of Planet”

GJ 436 b sounds like an interesting place. SPACE.com has the story. Is it a “hot ice” planet? Could be. Under intense pressures and other extreme conditions, water can form strange alternate states, not unlike carbon under great pressure forming … Continue reading

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Rubbing Together

Scientists think they’ve figured out the ice geysers on Saturn’s moon Enceladus. It sounds good to me. Tidal forces acting on fault lines in the moon’s icy shell cause the sides of the faults to rub back and forth against … Continue reading

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Cleaning out My E-mail In Box

… and discovering a question from a seminarian: In regards to Dei Verbum, Lumen Gentium, Gaudium et Spes, and Sacrosanctum Concilium, What is/are the most important common ideas?  Why are they important?  How do we know that they are important? … Continue reading

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Men’s Groups in a Parish

A friend in Kansas e-mailed me about this program, That Man Is You! I don’t work for them, I’m not affiliated with them (other than trying to get a group started in my parish near Topeka) and I get no kickbacks … Continue reading

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Shepherding Those Rings

A pretty picture before I head off to cook dinner: Cassini snapped this image on Easter Friday last month, catching the “dark” side of the rings with two of the “shepherd” moons.  Atlas is the dot just above center. Below … Continue reading

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