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Tres Abhinc Annos: Introduction

Tres Abhinc Annos is the second instruction on the implementation of Sacrosanctum Concilium. It was to take effect on 29 June 1967, just a bit longer than the two years since the first instruction, Inter Oecumenici, took effect and not … Continue reading

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Rosary Events Near and Far, Plus a Procession

I notice the Los Angeles Rosary Bowl attracted 50,000 people last Saturday. Plus the usual snarky comment or two about the archbishop there, though at least one critic did spell his name right. (Must be a miracle.) The Diocese of … Continue reading

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From Chicken Wire and Silk

Zenit interviews a Canadian wedding dress designer, Justina McCaffrey, who is unafraid of speaking of her faith and speaking out against the prevalent values of her industry: It is very important for a bride to be beautiful, but my idea … Continue reading

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A Mix of Naivete, Political and Otherwise

The Vatican PR effort tries to smooth over an apparent faux pas by Pope Benedict that spawned protests throughout Latin America. Many commentators, media, blog, tv, whatever, have looked into the pope’s “tin ear” for sensitive spots in topics that … Continue reading

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Mysterium Fidei 75-76: A Final Prayer

Mysterium Fidei concludes: 75. May the most blessed Virgin Mary, from whom Christ the Lord took the flesh that “is contained, offered, received” (C.I.C., canon 801.) in this Sacrament under the appearances of bread and wine, and may all the … Continue reading

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Plume In Motion

Io’s Tvashtar volcano caught in multiple images spliced together for a brief “movie” on the New Horizons web site. The appearance and motion of the plume is remarkably similar to an ornamental fountain on Earth, replicated on a gigantic scale. … Continue reading

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