Tres Abhinc Annos: Prayers in the Mass (4-6)

Chapter two, prayers in the Mass:

4. In the Mass only one prayer is to be said; depending on the rubrics, however, there is added before the single conclusion:


i. the prayer proper to a rite (Codex rubricarum no. 447);

ii. the prayer from the Mass for the profession of men or women religious, displacing the Mass of the day (Rubr. spec. Missalis);

iii. the prayer from the votive Mass Pro sponsis displaced by the Mass of the day (Codex rubricarum no. 380).


i. the prayer from the votive Mass of thanksgiving (Codex rubricarum no. 382 and Rubr. spec. Missalis);ii. the prayer for the anniversaries of the pope and the bishop (Codex rubricarum nos. 449-450);

iii. the prayer for the anniversary of the priest’s own ordination (Codex rubricarum nos. 451-452).

5. If in the same Mass several prayers were to be required before the single conclusion, the only one added in fact is the one most in keeping with the celebration.

6. Instead of an imperated prayer, the bishop may insert one or more intentions for particular needs into the general intercessions.

In them by decree of the conference of bishops intentions also may be included for civil rulers (now used in various forms in the different countries) and special intentions for the particular needs of a nation or region.

To those of you more expert in the 1962 Missal than I, I’ll leave this for your comments. It’s been a rather long morning at the parish, and I’m hoping for a non-liturgical afternoon … at least until I return for choir practice at 4.


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