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What Is A Metal?

What a chemist sees: What an astronomer sees: Scientists among you will get the joke. For others, you should know that hydrogen and helium make up almost all the matter in the universe. It is thought that planet formation depends … Continue reading

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Corporate Liturgy

Peter Nixon posts at dotCommonweal about the late Aidan Kavanagh’s views on the error of reviving the Tridentine Missal as well as the faults of the post-conciliar reform. The image in my mind is of a motorist getting a little … Continue reading

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The Polar Eyes of Saturn

The Cassini web page posted this image of Saturn’s North Pole hexagon in the infrared. (Redder beyond the color red.) The mission scientists tell it: This image is one of the first clear images of the north polar region ever … Continue reading

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Tres Abhinc Annos: Changes in the Ordo Missae (7-16)

Chapter III covers “Changes in the Order of Mass,” and we begin with genuflections: 7. The celebrant genuflects only: on going to or leaving the altar if there is a tabernacle containing the blessed sacrament; after elevating the host and … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Observing Civic Holidays

Since this blog isn’t liturgy, let’s begin with a prayer … That those women and men who have died in the service of their country will be remembered with respect and gratitude, we pray. An early Monday scan of the … Continue reading

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