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Does This Mean That Proto-Americans Are Off The Hook?

Paul at Centauri Dreams blogs on a possible asteroid or comet event above North America thirteen millennia ago. From the BBC, a news item that scientists will present findings that link megafauna extinction, early human population collapse in the Western … Continue reading

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Why Composers Compose

On the Corporate Liturgy thread, I suggested one reason why Catholicism has seen so many composers since the 60’s: because the current musical situation is regarded as so unsatisfactory. Gavin’s not sure, but he does make a good point: ” … Continue reading

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Tres Abhinc Annos: Variations on the Divine Office (19-22)

Tres Abhinc Annos has some things to say about the Liturgy of the Hours in Chapter V: 19. Pending complete reform of the divine office, on days of class I and class II with a matins of three nocturns, recitation … Continue reading

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Tres Abhinc Annos: Special Cases (17-18)

This chapter is entitled, “Some Special Cases.” First, we read of adjustments in the Wedding Mass: 17. In nuptial Masses the celebrant says the prayers Propitiare and Deus, qui potestate not between the Pater noster and its embolism, but after … Continue reading

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No Comprende Célèbre

Reading on dotCommonweal, I was led to John Allen’s op-ed in the New York Times which lobs one my way. Sort of. Many on the Catholic left, meanwhile, will make a cause célèbre out of the document because, to them, … Continue reading

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Love Without Limits VI

(This is Neil.) I would like to quickly post from another of Fr John Breck’s excerpts of the late Fr Lev Gillet’s Amour Sans Limites, published under the name of “A Monk of the Eastern Church” in 1971. I’ve posted … Continue reading

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No Other Gods

(This is Neil.) I’ve returned from my absence (grading and a seminar are to blame). You are probably shrugging your collective shoulders right now. Therefore, I’ll get right to the point of this post. On an airplane, I happened to … Continue reading

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