Tres Abhinc Annos: Special Cases (17-18)

This chapter is entitled, “Some Special Cases.” First, we read of adjustments in the Wedding Mass:

17. In nuptial Masses the celebrant says the prayers Propitiare and Deus, qui potestate not between the Pater noster and its embolism, but after the breaking of bread and the commingling, just before the Agnus Dei.

In a Mass celebrated facing the people the celebrant, after the commingling and a genuflection, may go to the bride and groom and say the prayers just mentioned. He then returns to the altar, genuflects, and continues the Mass in the usual way.

And a small handful of pastoral concessions:

18. A Mass celebrated by a priest with failing sight or otherwise infirm and having an indult to say a votive Mass, may have the following arrangement.

  1. The priest says the prayers and the preface of the votive Mass.
  2. Another priest, a deacon, reader, or server is to do the readings from the Mass of the day or from a weekday lectionary. If only a reader or server is present he has permission also to read the gospel, but without the Munda cor meum, Iube, domine, benedicere, and Dominus sit in corde meo. The celebrant however says the Dominus vobiscum before the reading of the gospel and at the end kisses the book.
  3. The choir, the congregation, or even the reader may take the entrance, offertory, and communion antiphons, and the chants between the readings.

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