Eucharisticum Mysterium 5: General Principles

Whew! After that introduction, we get to Part I, “General Principles to be Given Prominence in Catechizing the People on the Eucharistic Mystery.” Section five treats “Requirements of Pastors …” so let’s see how the clergy of the late 60’s and today measure up on this:

5. Effective catechesis is necessary so that the eucharistic mystery might suffuse integral teaching of faith, which is contained in the documents of the magisterium, but also with heart and life enter deeply into the spirit of the Church on this matter. [See Sacrosanctum Concilium art. 14, 17-18.] Then they will more readily judge which of the many aspects of this mystery best suits the faithful in any given situation.

Okay. What the Consilium proposes is this: the Eucharist is part of every aspect of Church teaching: morality, social justice, education–everything. Pastors are charged with discerning the situation of the people. In other words: what they need to develop and deepen holiness. Then apply different aspects of the Eucharistic mystery to address the need.

In view of what was said in no. 3, the following points, among others, deserve special attention.

And we’ll get to these points in future posts.

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