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Mars Site Upgrades

They’ve done a substantial makeover on the HIRISE site, the locale for all Mars images downloaded from the Mars Reconaissance Orbiter. You can access images based on science theme, including “Fluvial Processes” or “Landscape Evolution” or my favorite, “Polar Geology.” … Continue reading

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Pope Benedict Uses The Vernacular

… so shouldn’t it be good enough for everybody. Wait. I already know the answer to that one. From CNS, from yesterday’s observance at the Lateran basilica: Pope Benedict said Luke’s Gospel account of the miracle of the loaves and … Continue reading

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Opinions and Reasons

It is an occasional fault of some traditionalists (and probably all of us Catholics at one time or another) to allow personal bad experiences to color their perceptions of a wider truth. When I was in elementary school, chant, Latin, … Continue reading

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Trent and Vernacular Liturgy?

(This is Neil.) I thought that, with all the discussion of the forthcoming motu proprio that will presumably ease restrictions on the Tridentine liturgy, it might be a very good thing to examine what the Council of Trent (which is … Continue reading

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