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Can We Really Learn to Love Those Who Aren’t Like Us?

(This is Neil.) This is the question raised by this week’s “Credo” column in the Times, written by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks. The Rabbi connects this question with the recent rise in public visibility of atheism and agnosticism: There is a … Continue reading

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The Changing Blogosphere 1

A few weeks ago I noticed the “blog count” at WordPress jumped past a million. It seemed a quiet observance; maybe they’re gunning for ten million or a hundred. So what are we up to in the world now? A … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 7: The Local Church

Eucharisticum Mysterium gives a definition of the local Church, with encouragement for communities “frequently small and poor or living in isolation.” 7. Through the eucharist “the Church continually lives and grows. This Church of Christ is truly present in all … Continue reading

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