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Motumania (not?) On Vacation

Another movie image: “It’ll be real easy for Normie to find Aunt Edna. All he has to do is look for the buzzards.” Thanks, Rusty. The motumaniacs enjoyed another interesting internet day. First, some Vatican source said the motu was … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 13: Influence in Daily Life

What is the significance of the Eucharist as a meal? The Consilium suggests as a metaphor for living a Eucharistic-inpsired faith outside of Mass, in daily life. The Apostolic Tradition suggests that believers should be “eager” witnesses as a result … Continue reading

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First Man

I just finished James R. Hansen’s very fine and exceedingly detailed biography of Neil Armstrong. The author, an Auburn University historian, intends a scholarly and meticulously researched work. He succeeds on that front, but at a little cost to his … Continue reading

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It’s Not Dandruff

Amy’s Commentariat is scratching their collective head over Daniel Berrigan’s disassociation with Amnesty International. More proof that some internet Catholics are little better than Republicans wearing orthodox wool suits. I tingle at the thought they would ever be confronted with … Continue reading

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Pluto, Planethood, Another Nail, Coffin

Artist’s concept of the view from Eris with Dysnomia¬† in the background, looking back towards the distant sun. Credit: Robert Hurt (IPAC) You put it together. Eris has weighed in on the matter. Pluto’s outer solar system rival, the one … Continue reading

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More Active Moons: Told Ya

The Cassini scientists’ news release confirms the suspicions of some (expressed here in this post and this post and this post, too). Namely, that Enceladus is not the only geologically active moon of Saturn. Now add Tethys and Dione, imaged … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 12: Active Participation

The Consilium offers a brief, but somewhat detailed explanation of “active participation.” 12. It should be explained that all who gather for the eucharist are that holy people who, together with the ministers, have a part in the sacred rites. … Continue reading

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