Eucharisticum Mysterium 22-23: Radio, TV, Photos

The Consilium urges the very best example for all broadcast Masses:

22. Where, according to the intent of the Constitution on the Liturgy art. 20, the Mass is televised or broadcast, local Ordinaries should see that the prayer and participation of the faithful in attendance are not disturbed; furthermore, the celebration should be marked with such care and dignity that it is a model of celebrating the sacred mysteries according to the laws of the liturgical reform. [See Sacred Congregation of Rites, Instr. Musicam Sacram, 5 March 1967, nos.6, 8, and 11.]

According to the laws of liturgical reform … does that discount the TLM?

23. Strict care should be taken to ensure that liturgical celebrations, especially of the Mass, are not disturbed by the practice of taking photographs. Where a reasonable cause for them exists, everything should be done with great restraint and according to the norms established by the local Ordinary.

Bottom line: the bishops are responsible


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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