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Eucharisticum Mysterium 34: Receiving Communion

They looked at it in ’67: how to receive Communion. The Consilium says it’s pretty much up to the pastor: kneeling or standing, but pick one for the sign of family unity: 34. a. In accordance with the custom of … Continue reading

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Pretending at Liturgical Reform

The Catholic blogosphere is often full of self-styled prophets who think they have the answers to all the Church’s problems, especially their own. Priests who pretend at being liturgists without a requisite background are sometimes the most entertaining of the … Continue reading

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Motumania, Faked Out

Father Z reports that a motu proprio is out. No, not that one. Another one that restores the two-thirds majority for papal elections, overturning JPII’s 1996 changes. Everybody’s been focused on the other one, which is running through the printing … Continue reading

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Go Green By Going Black

Blackle, to be more accurate. Anybody seen this? In January 2007 a blog post titled Black Google Would Save 750 Megawatt-hours a Year proposed the theory that a black version of the Google search engine would save a fair bit … Continue reading

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In the sixties, she would have been a Republican. (She needs to get a staffer to update her web page; 2002?) “I’ve never heard of this group. I’d have to look at why they consider themselves Democrats,” said Mimi Stewart, … Continue reading

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Liquid Telescope

Here’s a fascinating idea. Lunar astronauts pouring fluid on a disk-shaped mesh, thus giving scientists a telescope mirror almost the size of a baseball field. The structure would be set to spin to allow the liquid to ride up the … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 33: Communion Outside Mass

When may lay people receive Communion outside of Mass? The Consilium tells you: 33. a. The faithful are to be led to the practice of receiving communion in the actual eucharistic celebration. [See Pius XII, Encycl. Mediator Dei: Acta Apostolicae … Continue reading

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