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Eucharisticum Mysterium 38: After Communion

What takes place after Communion? Remember this document is an “instruction on worship of the Eucharistic mystery,” not a 100% liturgy piece. 38. On those who partake of the body and blood of Christ the gift of the Spirit is … Continue reading

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More To Come

Musical observances of Thomas More aren’t quite completed yet. Australia’s For the God Who Sings features music this weekend for More and his fellow martyr John Fisher by that English Catholic stalwart, William Byrd: The former Lord Chancellor’s head hung … Continue reading

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Shepherd Moons At Jupiter

Nice “video” of Metis and Adrastea keeping one of Jupiter’s rings in line. It’s actually a sequence of images “from the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI) show(ing) the well-defined lanes of gravel- to boulder-sized material composing the bulk of the … Continue reading

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Recipe for a Comet

Need a summer educational project for the science-minded kiddo? Try this, courtesy of Edna DeVore of the SETI Institute via SPACE.com: With a nod of credit to Dr. Dennis Schatz, the original cometary chef, and Vice President for Education at … Continue reading

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Motumania: The Endgame

Zenit says it’s in the hands of “representatives from various episcopal conferences,” so I guess the waiting is nearly over. That the letter of explanation is itself longer than the actual document: interesting. Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, Vatican secretary of state, … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 36-37: Communion Special and Frequent

These next two sections are closely aligned. Number 36 suggests an important connection between the celebration and reception of the Eucharist and significant (though not always sacramental) life experiences. I suppose this is a special way of introducing a certain … Continue reading

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The Convenience of Stupidity

Remember our discussion on it here? Stupidity has a remarkable malleability in the eyes of internet conservatives. We know the open book posse leaps at painting Bishop Trautman as having a low opinion of pew Catholics. Yet the same bucket … Continue reading

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