Cassini at Tethys

Look at some of the raw images from the Cassini probe’s latest flyby of Tethys. You may remember it’s one of the moons now thought to have some kind of volcanic activity contributing to the plasma caught in Saturn’s magnetic field. Above is a deeper part of the Ithaca Chasma, imaged just two days ago.

Then we have another portion, less deep:

And then this intriguing image:

See that crater top left with what appears to be a deformed rim (lower left of the crater)?

Those parallel lines (right) look a bit like the “tiger stripes” (left) of Enceladus.

Scientists aren’t sure about Ithaca Chasma: was it caused by the impact that created the giant crater Odysseus? Or by ancient volcanism? Or by something more recent?


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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