Limping In and Out of Vacation

It’s hard to call it a vacation when I don’t actually go out of town. I think I had about four calls from the office this week about stuff. I called there once and dropped by one evening to make sure a “special” Mass was ready to go for some guests.

I was back at my desk today rummaging through e-mail, v-mail, and other mail. Saturday is my usual last-minute day for polishing up the prayers of the faithful. If I type and print up the final copy mid-afternoon, I’ll catch everybody reported as deceased or sick. I also note we have three baptisms this weekend. My liturgical presence will be minimal tomorrow: sacristan for 11:30 Mass, play at 5PM.

If it wasn’t a get-away vacation, it was restful time at home. I managed a fair start on the home improvement projects. Early in the week, I rewired our spare bedroom for digital phone and internet access. I was hoping to repair last fall’s soccer damage to the deck, but after getting it about 1/4th done, the rains came on Wednesday. It’s been raining pretty much all the time the past four days, so the other outside stuff: cutting down a few trees and collecting various clippings–including last years’ and cleaning the gutters didn’t get done.

My wife’s gastro-enterologist recommended some sleeping adjustments. So we took advantage of the opportunity to clean out our bedroom and I tilted the bed frame to lift our heads about six inches above our feet. I tell you, it is weird sleeping like that. But I’m not sliding down as much as I thought I would.

Brittany and I have been doing puzzles. A 500-piece painting of a covered bridge is still incomplete on the breakfast bar. We’ve all been watching movies: Ratatouille at the theatre yesterday, plus an all-time unique double-feature in the history of the world: A Man For All Seasons and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

I have a few interesting non-fiction books from the library. I finished Michael Maccambridge’s America’s Game which was exceedingly thorough. On the shelf still: something on climate change, a novel by Michael Cunningham, and a few other tomes I hope to finish by the time real vacation rolls around next month.

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Todd and his family live in Ames, Iowa. He serves a Catholic parish of both Iowa State students and town residents.
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