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Pick A Good Song For The Fourth

dotCommonweal wades into open book territory with a “liturgy post” on a topic discussed here before: the music selections at Mass on or near a national holiday. In a very posse-like way, two things have happened. Comments are now into … Continue reading

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Reader Reflections on EWTN

Several days ago a reader sent me an e-mail about an experience at the EWTN complex in Alabama. Edited for anonymity, it reads: We’ve never had cable so we weren’t regular watchers of EWTN but whenever I did see it … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 49-51: Reserving the Eucharist

With this section, the Consilium examines the reservation of the Eucharist, and offers some important reminders: 49. “It is pertinent to recall that the primary and original purpose of reserving the sacred elements in church outside Mass is the administration … Continue reading

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Does Religion Belong in Public?

(This is Neil.) I’d like to briefly explore this question with an article by the Anglican priest and theologian David F. Ford, which appears in the first number of a new journal, the International Journal of Public Theology. I suspect … Continue reading

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