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Motumania: Vote Early and Often

Despite the disclaimer from the editor: Instant polls are intended as entertainment. They are not considered to be true measurements of public opinion. … some Catholics are hawking for votes here. Democracy is the last refuge of the traditionalists. Count … Continue reading

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Not Impressed

“I domesticated myself so naturally I’m not impressed with your new cell phone camera. By the way, where’s my massage and my dinner?”

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Hyperion Hydrocarbons

Go to this link for a press release on discoveries at Saturn’s eighth largest moon, Hyperion. Water and carbon dioxide ices are plentiful, as is a compound ice made up of carbon dioxide and an unidentified material. I’m interested in … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 55-57: More on Tabernacles

The Consilium reviews the ways in which Christ is present liturgically and how this relates to the reserved Eucharist: 55. In the celebration of Mass the principal modes of Christ’s presence to his Church [See no. 9 of this Instruction.] … Continue reading

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Citing Sources, Copyright, and Fair Use

As an undergraduate, the rules of the research game were drilled into us by our university. At least I found that to be true for me and my college friends.When I wrote papers in college, it took more energy typing … Continue reading

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Motumania: Countdown By Hours

If the Catholic blogosphere had it’s own circuit, I think it would be blown on Saturday. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not. The Rorate Caeli blog reports the first two words of the motu proprio as … Continue reading

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The Place For Space in a Catholic Sensibility

I’d like to thank Randolph Nichols for his kind comment on the Full Moon post below. As I learned during childhood staring into the Kansas night, the heavenly bodies induce a sense of wonderment as nothing else. It doesn’t surprise … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 52-54: Reserving the Eucharist

The following sections were the source of the post-conciliar development often troubling to lay people, bishops, and others: the placement of the tabernacle and the location for devotional prayer. First rule, no problem: only one per church. 52. Where the … Continue reading

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