Eucharisticum Mysterium 55-57: More on Tabernacles

The Consilium reviews the ways in which Christ is present liturgically and how this relates to the reserved Eucharist:

55. In the celebration of Mass the principal modes of Christ’s presence to his Church [See no. 9 of this Instruction.] emerge clearly one after the other: first he is seen to be present in the assembly of the faithful gathered in his name; then in his word, with the reading and explanation of Scripture; also in the person of the minister; finally, in a singular way under the eucharistic elements. Consequently, on the grounds of the sign value, it is more in keeping with the nature of the celebration that, through reservation of the sacrament in the tabernacle, Christ not be present eucharistically from the beginning on the altar where Mass is celebrated. That presence is the effect of the consecration and should appear as such.

A reminder about one church, one tabernacle:

56. It is fitting that the principles stated in nos. 52 and 54 be taken into account in the building of new churches.

A reminder not to be too casual in the moving or elimination of sacred items:

Remodeling of already existing churches and altars must be carried out in exact compliance with no. 24 of this Instruction.

I can’t ever recall seeing a veil except for inside a tabernacle.

57. Care should be taken that the faithful be made aware of the presence of the blessed sacrament in the tabernacle by the use of a veil or some other effective means prescribed by the competent authority.

According to the traditional practice, a lamp should burn continuously near the tabernacle as a sign of the honor shown to the Lord. [See Codex Iuris Canonici (Rome, 1918) can. 1271.]

How many of you use a lamp instead of a candle?


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One Response to Eucharisticum Mysterium 55-57: More on Tabernacles

  1. Liam says:

    Of course, the first issue here is the direction to remove tabernacles from being atop the altar of sacrifice.

    As for the veil, older grand tabernacles may have elaborate external veils. But they are not usual in more recent designs.

    As for the lamp vs candle: a candle burning inside a glass chamber is a kind of lamp…

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