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Not Impressed 4

“I’m not impressed that the other cats have been getting all the hits on his blog. I want my share of the spotlight!” My daughter’s “kitten” has the interesting practice of drinking water as she straddles the bowl with her … Continue reading

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Eucharisticum Mysterium 60-61: Exposition

Part 3, section 5 begins: 60. Exposition of the blessed sacrament, either in a ciborium or a monstrance, draws the faithful to an awareness of the sublime presence of Christ and invites them to inner communion with him. Therefore, it … Continue reading

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Treating Church Musicians Not So Well

On that NLM thread, I was dismayed to read of the situation of one of the internet’s church musicians and bloggers: I got an email this week from my Church’s secretary saying that they have hired a new guitarist for … Continue reading

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Motumania: Pecuniary Diversions

You know the picture, right? This is your typical church musician (played ably by Jimmy Stewart) in tough negotiation with the pastor (kudos, Lionel Barrymore) over his salary. It could be Scrooge and Cratchit. Or your last organist and your … Continue reading

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Patriotic Displays

We’ve had a decent St Blog’s discussion on the use of patriotic songs for Mass on or near national holidays. Have a go at my Art & Environment Team’s display in our parish narthex for the 4th. What do you … Continue reading

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Silence of the Rovers?

The massive dust storm kicking up on Mars might end the insanely successful mission of the rovers Spirit and Opportunity. Over the past three years, mild storms have actually benefitted the intrepid robot explorers, wiping their solar panels clear of … Continue reading

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Motumania: Significance and Disrespect

As my faithful Count has informed you, the scoop has indeed been whispered in the loggia, for now, at least the first two Latin paragraphs. So much for my hoax theory of the title. Rock does hint he’ll print summorum … Continue reading

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