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Where the Boys Are, Strange Map Style

And the girls, too. There’s a ton of new posts at strange maps, one of my new favorite blogs. Check out this map from the February 2007 issue of National Geographic: Also economics maps, lost colonies, micronations, imagined Australia … … Continue reading

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Where’s Reggie?

Have all the traditionalists fled my web site to celebrate and sing “Te Deum?”Anybody left to correct this guy‘s Latin? The strange maps site thinks it’s ex uno plures. I think that’s right, but proper Latin grammar would lose some … Continue reading

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Sedevacantists Welcomed Back in Spokane

The Mount Saint Michael Community didn’t need a motu proprio to return to Roman Catholicism. They were received through prayer, welcome, and the charity other women religious. When Spokane Bishop William S. Skylstad invited the Missionaries of Charity to establish … Continue reading

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Not Impressed 5

“I’m not impressed by liturgical embargoes. If I had Rock’s friends, I’d leak the document, too. By the way, please don’t disturb my next nap fooling around with your cell phone camera.” Isn’t he a beautiful cat? My wife brought … Continue reading

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Still Life With Retro Radio & Turntable

I’m way out of the consumer loop, even on up-to-date stuff. At least I was till the first cell phone acquisition Monday. For Father’s Day, the women of the house gave me a cool item happily resting in my side … Continue reading

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The Embrace of Peter and Paul

I’ve been overlooking Elizabeth Lev’s classy essays on Zenit lately. Too much motu, I guess. Leap over to this piece covering the feast of Saints Peter and Paul: (T)he basilicas of the two great martyrs are decked in all their … Continue reading

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Question For The Liturgy Folks

I have the third instruction “For the Orderly Implementation of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council,” Liturgicae Instaurationes in the queue ready to go for posting. However, do you think we should take a look … Continue reading

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