Eucharisticum Mysterium 67: Eucharistic Congresses

We reach the end of the instruction Eucharisticum Mysterium with Part III, section 6. I had it already written up, and if you’re tired of reading about my cats of my thoughts on the mp, let’s finish this off:

67. In eucharistic congresses, the faithful seek to understand this holy mystery more deeply through a consideration of its various aspects (see no. 3 of this Instruction). Their celebration of the eucharist should, moreover, be in keeping with the norms of Vatican Council II and they should offer their worship through private prayers and devotions, especially in solemn processions, in such a way that all these forms of devotion have their culmination in the solemn celebration of Mass.

All during a eucharistic congress of at least an entire region, it is proper to designate some churches for continuous adoration.

In the audience granted 13 April 1967 to Cardinal Arcadius M. Larraona, Prefect of this Congregation, Pope Paul VI by his authority approved and confirmed this Instruction and ordered it to be published, fixing the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, 15 August 1967, as its effective date.

Any last word from the commentariat?

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