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Elijah, Violence, and the Voice of God

(This is Neil.) Rabbi Jonathan Sacks’ “Credo” column in today’s Times is about religious violence, an extremely relevant topic. The rabbi tells us that we “forget that wrong can be done in the name of right, sometimes in the name … Continue reading

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Comme Le Prevoit 1-4

The 1969 document Comme Le Prevoit–On The Translation of Liturgical Texts For Celebrations With A Congregation is one of the most controversial in the post-conciliar liturgy collection. Its authorship is attributed to the Consilium, the standing committee assembled to oversee … Continue reading

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More Post-Conciliar Posts

With the motumania and what-all, nobody bothered to mention any preferences for future liturgy documents. With 111 posts and counting, the attention we’ve given post-conciliar liturgy documents far outstrips any sneers I may have tossed the way of any traditionalist. … Continue reading

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