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“The two Forms of the usage of the Roman Rite”: A Crude Theory

(This is Neil.) I have a crude theory. Of course, it does not explain everything or even most things. But I want to continue to explore, however confusedly, why the promulgation of the Novus Ordo has proven to be less … Continue reading

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Rhinos Roll The Dice

… with a new goalkeeper for tonight’s US Open Cup match against New England. In the small corner of the American sports universe (aka soccer) the Open Cup is such a great format, pitting teams from different levels. An underdog … Continue reading

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Welcome, Visitors

Neil’s post asking “What we should learn from the 1962 Missal?” caught New Advent‘s eye. Their link has kicked traffic up a notch today. Hopefully, new visitors will make themselves feel at home, checking out the series on Comme Le … Continue reading

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Comme Le Prevoit 14-15

We’ll just cover the first point and save the others for a future post: 14. The accuracy and value of a translation can only be assessed in terms of the purpose of the communication. To serve the particular congregations who … Continue reading

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Encyclopedic Life

I was getting excited about the prospects of the Encyclopedia of Life, but I hear Wikipedia has gotten into the act with Wikispecies. Over a hundred thousand species already paged. You can navigate down a branch of life and come … Continue reading

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