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Comme Le Prevoit 21-24

Why is adaptation necessary? 21. A translation of the liturgy therefore often requires cautious adaptation. But cases differ: 22. a. Sometimes a text can be translated word for word and keep the same meaning as the original, for example, pleni … Continue reading

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From Catholic Answers

Look what came in the mail today. I blogged about this pamphlet a few months ago. It’s a four-page collection of mostly quotes from Sacramentum Caritatis. Nothing really offensive, and it does cover the essentials of the document.

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Water, Water, Everywhere

Technically, this would be steam, but it’s still that precious commodity the Kazon and the Ice Pirates found so elusive in the science fiction universe. Scientists had previously looked for signs of water on HD 189733b but failed to find … Continue reading

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Our Jupiter Is A Rare Jupiter

American and European astronomers surveyed fifty-four nearby stars considered candidates for having Jupiter-sized companions orbiting at 500 million miles or farther. Results? Nada. Is this significant? Jupiter is one of the unsung influences that permitted life to evolve on Earth. … Continue reading

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Book Review: Novenas

Novenas (Prayers of Intercession and Devotion) by William G. Storey from Loyola Press is a valuable addition to a prayer library. The publisher claims it is a unique collection and I have no evidence suggesting this is otherwise so. Some … Continue reading

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Brush Up Your Latin

A colleague sends this along to me: (to the tune of “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” from: Kiss Me Kate) Brush up your Latin Start chanting it now Brush up your Latin And the angels you will wow Just declaim a … Continue reading

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Comme Le Prevoit 20

20. c. The prayer of the Church is always the prayer of some actual community, assembled here and now. It is not sufficient that a formula handed down from some other time or region be translated verbatim, even if accurately, … Continue reading

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Lessons From Cheney

There’s no doubt that the Dick Cheney political episode that is the Bush Administration (unless he’s really claiming to be a Doonesbury-esque fourth branch) has given us, especially politicos, some lessons to be learned. My suggestion in the 2000 Iowa … Continue reading

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  What do you think Michael Moore and your favorite conservative blogger share in common? A distaste for the mainstream media. CNN tries to be hard-hitting in looking closely at Sicko, but Moore’s web page eviscerates the attempt. Part one … Continue reading

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Who’s Asking?

There’s a press release for a Q&A formatted document. Grant Gallicho at dotCommonweal is asking who’s asking, and I wonder the same thing. Father Tim has his take on it. One of my correspondents asks, “Why oh, why do we … Continue reading

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Comme Le Prevoit 16-19

More spotlight for English in the following sections: 16. b. Certain other principles should be observed so that a translation will be understood by the hearers in the same sense as the revealed truths expressed in the liturgy. 17. 1. … Continue reading

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Not Impressed: It’s A Mutual Thing

“I’m not impressed by you modern penguins. Y’all seem rather puny to me.” “We’re not impressed you big Oligocene dudes had to dodge Peruvian crocodiles. Our biggest worries are eco-tourists.” News item here.

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