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Comme Le Prevoit 28-29

28. Among the separate elements are those which are essential and others which are secondary and subsidiary. The essential elements. so far as is possible, should be preserved in translation, sometimes intact, sometimes in equivalent terms. The general structure of … Continue reading

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Motumania: Overblowing Organic Development

Toward the end of his op-ed, Dr Reid gets to the issue dear to his own heart, organic development: (T)here would have been no need for this motu proprio had the liturgical reform that followed Vatican II been an unqualified … Continue reading

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Motumania: Reid’s Aftermath 2

We’re looking at Alcuin Reid’s opinion piece summing up one conservative’s view of Summorum Pontificum. I have far fewer negative things to say about the document itself than the spinning going on in the aftermath. Reid appeals to a Catholic … Continue reading

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Motumania: Reid’s Aftermath 1

Amy has a high opinion of Alcuin Reid’s opinion piece in the Catholic Herald. I find him far less convincing. It reveals that the thrill of fine brandy, cigars, and singing the Te Deum has worn off and some conservatives … Continue reading

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The Pastoral Judgment

In Neil’s thread, “What’s Wrong with Catholic Liturgical Music?” a few comments and questions are directed my way. I’m happy to respond. The focus of the comment was the pastoral judgment as elucidated in Music In Catholic Worship. Sections 39-41 … Continue reading

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Questions About Answers And Questions

The CDF has issued, so now the various arms of the Vatican machinery grind into crisis control. Zenit posts Cardinal Kasper’s suggestion that this week’s release is an “invitation to dialogue.” Practically any statement affords an opportunity for dialogue. I’m … Continue reading

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Comme Le Prevoit 25-27

If you’re one of our new visitors, Comme Le Prevoit is the 1969 Vatican document addressing liturgical translation. Dry stuff perhaps, compared to Neil’s learned commentary, my space pictures, or my kitty cats, but an important chapter in the never-ending … Continue reading

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