Comme Le Prevoit 28-29

28. Among the separate elements are those which are essential and others which are secondary and subsidiary. The essential elements. so far as is possible, should be preserved in translation, sometimes intact, sometimes in equivalent terms. The general structure of the Roman prayers can be retained unchanged: the divine title, the motive of the petition, the petition itself, the conclusion. Others cannot be retained: the oratorical cursus, rhetorical-prose cadence.

29 It is to be noted that if any particular kind of quality is regarded as essential to a literary genre (for example, intelligibility of prayers when said aloud), this may take precedence over another quality less significant for communication (for example, verbal fidelity).

The Consilium considers a balance. Unlike what is proposed by some commentators, there is great flexibility here. There are times that fidelity is vital. There are other times when intelligibility might trump the consideration of literalism. Rather than impose a single way of translation, the Consilium is actually suggesting that the quality of the text and the reception of those listening and praying might each, in turn, be the primary consideration for the Latin to vernacular journey. That strikes me as a good bit more workable than Liturgiam Authenticam.

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  1. Rob F. says:

    Of course neither the exact cadence nor cursus can be retained unchanged. But it seems to me in some cases that some other appropriate of cadence and cursus can be substituted. Otherwise this article (CLP#28) would seem to be in conflict with CLP#7 above.

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