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Comme Le Prevoit 35-37: Speaking and Singing

Let’s take into account the vocal delivery needed for liturgical texts, especially acclamations: 35. All texts which are intended to be said aloud follow the laws proper to their delivery and, in the case of written texts, their literary genre. … Continue reading

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Motumania: Cannibals Among Musicians

More on “Inspiration from John 4:19-20” on this thread: Why must I say things like “cheeze,” and “drek”? Boncas Joncas. Id be curious to see this piece seeing that joncas allowed so many stupid musical mistakes with his john carrol … Continue reading

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I feel on steady ground relaying this letter sent to our parish because I wasn’t even at the Mass in question: Dear Parishioners of St. Thomas More Parish, … I attended the 9:30 am Mass on Sunday, July 1, 2007, … Continue reading

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“We do not need a reform of the reform!”

I was struck by Cantor’s observation of Steven Warner’s address at NPM last week. I didn’t go (and I haven’t gone to an NPM convention in almost twenty years) but I couldn’t let this pass by without comment: Ok, much … Continue reading

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Birds Do It, Bees Do It, Martian Ice Caps Do It

Migration, that is. Scientists have detected an ancient migration of the Mars ice caps. Because of Mars’ eccentric orbit, winter may last up to five weeks longer at one pole than at the other. As the red planet progresses through … Continue reading

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Archbishop O’Brien on Homosexuality

  The Baltimore Sun ran this piece a few days ago on their new archbishop. Edwin O’Brien is touted as having experience in ministry to and dealing with gays, but I have to wonder about the ignorance shown in this … Continue reading

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Comme Le Prevoit 33-34

“Integral” and “faithful” translation is recommended for certain prayers: 33. Some euchological and sacramental formularies like the consecratory prayers, the anaphoras, prefaces, exorcisms, and those prayers which accompany an action, such as the imposition of hands, the anointing, the signs … Continue reading

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Mixed Week Ahead

I think you might see a little extra blogging this week, but then about a week or two of next to nothing–at least from me. I hope Neil will keep you edified after I head out on a family road … Continue reading

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