Motumania: Cannibals Among Musicians

More on “Inspiration from John 4:19-20” on this thread:

Why must I say things like “cheeze,” and “drek”?

Boncas Joncas.

Id be curious to see this piece seeing that joncas allowed so many stupid musical mistakes with his john carrol mass. Its kinda like asking a first year shop student to engineer the space shuttle.

I still wish he would take on some serious and badly needed study …

I would like to see some 2 part counterpoint done competently before Ill ever accept Joncas as a composer capable of the craft. All else is ego.

Isn’t it inspiring to see how quickly church musicians go from an inspiring Te Deum to a Joan Collins catfest?

I was thinking about Gavin’s comment on the Steven Warner thread below:

I would be equally critical (maybe more so) if someone at CMAA took time in a speech to bash anyone who plays Haas.

That kind of criticism on NLM will likely get him banned. After evisceration.

Music students and youngsters: beware. When the reform2 crew finishes slapping around Mike Joncas, they’ll come after you, even if you haven’t gotten anything published. But don’t worry; they’ll probably remain mostly anonymous throughout.


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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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One Response to Motumania: Cannibals Among Musicians

  1. Gavin says:

    That kind of criticism on NLM will likely get him banned. After evisceration.

    I’m on the road there, for suggesting the heretical idea that any use of Latin requires available translations so that people may have interior participation. Check the thread above that one (something about the ’62 Missal by Jeff)

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