Comme Le Prevoit 42

A bit more on those situations in which many nations share a single language, mostly organizational stuff, not technical or theological:

42. In those cases where a single text is prepared for a large number of countries, the text should satisfy the “different needs and mentalities of each region” (letter of Cardinal Lercaro to the presidents of episcopal conferences, 16 October 1964). Therefore:

1. Each episcopal conference sharing the same language should examine the translation program or the first draft of a text.

2. Meanwhile, to avoid anxiety and unnecessary delay for priests and people, the coordinating secretariat should provide a provisional text which, with the consent of the proper authority (see no. 39), can be published and printed as an ad interim text in each country It is preferable that the same provisional text be used everywhere since the result will contribute to a better final text for all the countries.

3. Each of the countries will receive the definitive text at the same time. If a particular episcopal conference requires a change or substitution for specific local needs, it should propose the change to the “mixed commission,” which must first agree. This is necessary in order to have a single text which remains substantially unchanged and under the supervision of the “mixed commission.”

4. Each country can publish texts which are provisional as well as texts which are officially approved by the Holy See, but ought to contribute, on a prorated basis according to the extent it publishes, to the expenses of the “mixed commission,” which must pay the periti and bishops of the commission. National liturgical commissions should make prior arrangements with the secretariat regarding these publications.

5. In the publications of works from the “mixed commissions,” the appropriate notice should appear on the first page: “A provisional text prepared by the ‘mixed commission’ …” or “Text approved by the ‘mixed commission’ …. and confirmed by the Consilium for the Implementation of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy” If a change or substitution is desirable in an individual country, as indicated in no. 42, 3, a further notice is necessary, namely: “with adaptations authorized by the episcopal conference of . . . and the ‘mixed commission’.”

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