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Top Ten Hits of Space Exploration

Astroprof picked his Seven Wonders of Space Exploration the past several days. He makes a good case for them: Sputnik 1, Vostok 1, Mariner 2, Apollo 11, Voyager 2, Mir, and the Space Shuttle. Some close choices in my mind … Continue reading

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The Incredible Creeping Calendar and other War Games

President Bush adopts the blogosphere’s tactic in addressing failure: Just Blame Hillary Olbermann on Bush: You have set this government at war against its own people, and then blamed those very people when they say, “enough.” Watch out also for … Continue reading

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Handling Saturday Night Mass

Brian’s site noted this CMAA interview of Father Dennis Kolinski. He is the associate pastor at Chicago’s famous St John Cantius Parish. I’ll say upfront that I’ve not hesitated to recommend this parish to people who have a traditionalist sensibility … Continue reading

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Kansas City Interplanetary

  The solar system is coming to Kansas City. A scale model of it, anyway. The exhibit, called Voyage, promises to shrink interplanetary space to the point where one foot equals 2 million miles. … Backers believe the route, which … Continue reading

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Wild Bunny

I was testing the limits of my cell phone camera’s zoom function. Now I know the limits. But if you squint your eyes, you can see the wild bunny that lives under our deck. Not far from the six bunnies … Continue reading

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Moveable Feast, Stationary Parade

CNS reports on the observance of St Patrick’s Day in Ireland. A spokesman for St. Patrick’s Festival, the committee that organizes the civic celebrations in Dublin, said, “Parades and other cultural events will continue on the traditional feast day of … Continue reading

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Moon 60

“Frank*” is now the official sixtieth discovered moon of the sixth planet. Eventually, he’ll get a proper name, but you can watch a video here, and catch the whole news release here. Mission scientist Carl Murray: “We detected the 60th … Continue reading

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Dogfighting Fallout

My favorite sportswriter Jason Whitlock calls out hip-hop culture again today, through the vehicle of commentary on Michael Vick’s indictment: My desire is to see Vick evolve as a human being and for his troubles to serve as yet another … Continue reading

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Strategies for the Post-Magazine Publishing World

Cathleen Kaveny at dotCommonweal asks if magazines matter. She asks some good questions in light of the Crisis decision to turn itself over to the internet. In light of the very interesting announcement about Crisis … here’s a question for … Continue reading

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