Moveable Feast, Stationary Parade

CNS reports on the observance of St Patrick’s Day in Ireland.

A spokesman for St. Patrick’s Festival, the committee that organizes the civic celebrations in Dublin, said, “Parades and other cultural events will continue on the traditional feast day of St. Patrick, March 17.”

Got it? When in Ireland, go to Mass on Saturday. Go to Mass on Sunday, and don’t forget your palms. Then party on Monday of Holy Week. I wonder how they handled the rare occurence of St Patrick’s Day falling during Holy Week in medieval times? A Holy Week inclusive of March 17th won’t happen again until 2160.

Here in the States, we’re more flexible. Atlanta is doing it on March 15th. Farther north in the Bay State, Holyoke opts for March 30th, Divine Mercy Sunday. I get the idea this is more American weekend pragmatism than a liturgical sensibility.

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  1. Liam says:

    The Evacuation Day Parade was moved to Sunday years ago in Boston. (Even though St Patrick’s Day falls on Evacuation Day, it’s the latter that has been celebrated officially since 1777, long before St Patrick’s Day became observed as widely as it was in NY and Savannah).

    Also, remember that the Easter Vigil will now occur during Daylight Time, even on March 22d….

    And the Ascension will be on May 1 (For those of us celebrating it on the proper day), Pentecost will be on Mother’s Day…Corpus Christi on the day before Memorial Day, and there will be no Immaculate Heart of Mary (except for patronal and titular solemnities thereof) because it’s trumped by the Visitation on May 31. All moveable feasts concluded before then!

    Other ordo oddities for 2008:

    Sat 2/2: Evening Masses will take the propers of the Presentation of the Lord, not the 4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

    Sat 3/15: St Joseph’s, except no second vespers, and evening Masses take the propers of Passion Sunday

    Mon 3/31: Annunciation (but no first vespers the prior evening)

    Then the truncated string of sanctoral solemnities and feasts occuring on Sunday in 2008:

    SS Peter & Paul
    Exaltation of the Holy Cross (when the MP goes into effect)
    All Souls (NOTE: even though All Saints is not a HDOO this year in the US, the propers of Masses on the evening of November 1 are still those of All Saints, NOT All Souls – there is no first vespers of All Souls because All Saints trumps it)
    Dedication of the Lateran Archbasilica

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