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Vacation Update

This is just to let you know we’re on the return leg of the great ’07 vacation. I’ll be posting a travelogue in a few days with some photos of the Duluth area and some images with family and friends. … Continue reading

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Liturgicae Instaurationes: Introduction, part 1

The third instruction “For the Orderly Implementation of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy of the Second Vatican Council,” known by the Latin title, “Liturgicae Instaurationes” begins with a lengthy introduction, which we’ll tackle in three posts. This 1970 document … Continue reading

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The Inquisition, Torture, and Modernity

(This is Neil.) In the most recent issue of Faith & International Affairs, the theologian William T. Cavanaugh tells us that his lectures on torture in the modern world are often met with a semi-accusation, “How can you criticize the … Continue reading

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“Thy kingdom come”: Monsignor Strange on the Lord’s Prayer

(This is Neil.) I’ve posted here on the Lord’s Prayer five times (you can go to this post for the fifth contribution and links to the others), which means that we’ve merely scratched the surface. In the “Credo” column in … Continue reading

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