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Deathly Hallows

Psst! Don’t tell my wife. I finished the last HP book without her. It’s been seven years of reading since the summer I first gobbled down books one through four. I enjoyed this story. Very much. One howling editing error–a … Continue reading

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Before Mars

I’m reading more about a proposed human mission to a Near Earth Object, one of the numerous bodies which inhabit the neighborhood of Earth’s orbit. Every so often, one of them hits our planet, and it would seem to be … Continue reading

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Bonhoeffer and Common European Values

(This is Neil.) I’d like to post once more about Christianity during the Second World War, particularly how the thought of the Kreisau Circle might help us meditate on common European values – a subject of interest, I’m sure, for … Continue reading

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Liturgical Adventures in Iowa

As I was catching up on dotCommonweal today, I read Grant’s post on motumania. I was thinking to a spectacularly uninspiring bit of liturgy my family and I sat through on vacation. My wife, especially, was bitterly disappointed. We both … Continue reading

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New York Speculations

After hitting my favorite science and sports sites last night and this morning, and churning out a liturgy column for my editor, I took the plunge back into the Catholic blogosphere for a dose of Whispers. Rock dishes some Big … Continue reading

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Liturgicae Instaurationes: Introduction, part 3

This post concludes our look at the introduction of Liturgicae Instaurationes. Rome calls out bishops, reminding us of episcopal responsibilities and duties with regard to the oversight of liturgy. What seemed untimely during the process of the Consilium’s assiduous work … Continue reading

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