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The Mystery of Dione’s Craters

The Astronomy Picture of the Day site features Dione: They ask: Why does one half of Dione have more craters than the other? Start with the fact that Saturn‘s moon Dione always has one side that faces Saturn, and always … Continue reading

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Syndrome or Sandwich?

From the e-mailbag, source US Left Coast: Recently, a parishoner asked why there is no final hymn at the 8am Sunday Mass. He was a regular 10 o’clocker who was called to minister this particular Sunday at the earlier liturgy. … Continue reading

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Liturgicae Instaurationes 2: Liturgy of the Word

The Consilium walks the middle way in their assessment and advice for the Liturgy of the Word: 2. Of all the texts read in the liturgical assembly the books of sacred Scripture possess the primacy of a unique dignity: in … Continue reading

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Klaus Gamber: Mainstream, Fringe, Or In Between?

If nothing else, Liam has convinced me to read Gamber at the source, not through the lens of NLM or other commentator. In suggesting the scholar is not a mainstream liturgist, I have to confess I was reading him through … Continue reading

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