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Mira’s Tail: Some Kind of Wonderful

NASA’s GALEX mission has uncovered carbon, oxygen, and other materials in a gently illuminated eighty trillion mile tail behind the star Mira (the “wonderful” star in the constellation Cetus). GALEX is ultra-sensitive to faint ultraviolet light and is the first … Continue reading

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Motumania Fusses on Vespers

… and not just any Vespers. Even the shine of a post praising the sublime 1610 Vespers of the Blessed Virgin of Claudio Monteverdi (recently played in KC) isn’t totally free of the grumbling long associated with the reform2 crew. … Continue reading

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Careerism Scorecard

With the announcement of a surprisingly lateral move by a bishop, I’m wondering about keeping a scorecard on episcopal appointments. Since the new pope took office, we’ve seen some laudable moves: priests being raised from within a diocese to lead … Continue reading

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Rite of Marriage: Introduction 2

Marriage did not begin as a sacrament, the Church teaches. Catholics believe that Christ elevated the human tradition to strengthen it for the good of the couple and of children:  2. Marriage arises in the covenant of marriage, or irrevoca­ble consent, which … Continue reading

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