Careerism Scorecard

With the announcement of a surprisingly lateral move by a bishop, I’m wondering about keeping a scorecard on episcopal appointments. Since the new pope took office, we’ve seen some laudable moves: priests being raised from within a diocese to lead it. Bishop Sample of Marquette, Michigan being an example. We’ve also seen a former diocesan priest-made bishop elsewhere–returning to his original diocese.

Over at Amy’s new blog, Gashwin surfaces an opinion rendered by then-Cardinal Ratzinger:

In the church, above all, there should be no sense of careerism. To be a bishop should not be considered a career with a number of steps, moving from one seat to another, but a very humble service.

I think that the discussion on access to the ministry would also be much more serene if the episcopate saw it a service and not as a career. Even a poor see with only a few faithful is an important service in God’s church.

Or a see lacking a seat of a media empire. What’s next for Birmingham: a red hat?

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Todd lives in the Pacific Northwest, serving a Catholic parish as a lay minister.
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