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Rite of Marriage: Introduction 5

The Rite of Marriage introduction lists two important times for catechesis on the previous points: the homily and the preparation sessions with an engaged couple: 5. A priest should bear in mind these principles of faith, both in his instructions … Continue reading

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Attitude of Gratitude

Zenit is up and running after its two-week summer vacation. I noted an interview with Father Santiago Martin, founder of the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary. He speaks of the quality of gratitude as a font for living the moral life. … Continue reading

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From the files of the always fascinating strange maps blog comes this survey of our bed as the cat sees it:

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Files From the Pro-Life Box

Morning’s Minion wades into the pool of pro-life heresy by suggesting that “we need to think outside the box.” Forty-plus comments are a lot to wade through, but they represent most of the thinking that finds the ratty ol’ cardboard … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Reminder Calls

I’ve got an administrative/pastoral poll for you purple chair wannabes in the blogosphere: would you make reminder calls for liturgical ministers? When I arrived at my parish five years ago, a volunteer from the worship team called altar servers on … Continue reading

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Motumania: We’ve Got Your Back

I can appreciate a sense of the artistry involved with a Tridentine High Mass. But the attraction of the Low Mass is beyond me. Clearly, the author thinks the Low Mass celebrant needs a crew of laity at his back … Continue reading

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School Days, School Delays

School opening at our parish has been delayed another week, but we now have a firm first day: the 27th. My parish colleagues are understandably frustrated at the delays. As a parent, though, I’m glad they’re taking time to get … Continue reading

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Rite of Marriage: Introduction 4

Following section 3’s affirmation of the couple’s journey toward holiness and fidelity, the offspring of a Christian marriage follow: 4. By their very nature, the institution of matrimony and wedded love are ordained for the procreation and education of children … Continue reading

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