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Rite of Marriage: Introduction 8

    With this post we move to the next sub-section titled “Choice of Rite,” in the Rite of Marriage’s introduction, we’re privy to a discussion of options and the appropriateness of each: 8. In a marriage between a Catholic … Continue reading

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Watching for the ISS

The International Space Station will be flying overhead tonight. Too bad the sky is full of clouds right now. Here are the data on my location for the next few days: THE FOLLOWING ISS SIGHTINGS ARE POSSIBLE FROM SAT AUG … Continue reading

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Number Six Attempting Escape in a Jet

Not really. I had no idea one could see a sonic boom. Astronomy Picture of the Day shows us one. Ensign John Gay, photographer, describes it: “At sea level a plane must exceed 741 mph to break the sound barrier, … Continue reading

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The Armchair Liturgist: Communion to the Pewbound

No idea if “pewbound” would ever be a real word, but by it I mean the folks who come to Mass, but because of infirmity cannot easily or prefer not to participate in the Communion procession. What would be your … Continue reading

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Rite of Marriage: Introduction 6-7

Let’s have a look at the next two sections of the Rite of Marriage introduction: 6. In the celebration of marriage (which normally should be within the Mass), certain elements should be stressed, espe¬≠cially the liturgy of the word, which … Continue reading

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