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My Favorite Moon

Iapetus, as imaged by Cassini last month. Eighteenth century astronomers noticed that it was brighter when on the right side of Saturn than the left. The image above shows the trailing hemisphere of Saturn’s third-largest moon. Very icy compared to … Continue reading

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Pop Singers

My daughter is eagerly waiting the Kansas City arrival of her favorite rock star. The internet scalpers have tickets for the $150 to $600 range already. I’m hoping not to shell out more $$ than I paid for all of … Continue reading

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Rite of Marriage: Introduction 10

    10. In the celebration of matrimony, apart from the liturgiĀ­cal laws providing for due honors to civil authorities, no special honors are to be paid to any private persons or classes of person, whether in the ceremonies or … Continue reading

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Danneels on Liturgy

A friend alerted me to the text of Cardinal Danneels’ recent lecture on liturgy in the latest America. The talk was given at BC about four months ago, and I’ll need to devote a series of posts on it. The … Continue reading

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A Preconciliar Server’s Experience

There’s been some chirping in the parish about altar servers lately. Our pastor and I advocate a policy of open involvement. He assists a bit more than clergy have in the past, and pretty much anyone who wants to be … Continue reading

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