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Rite of Marriage: Introduction 12

Unity candle: in or out? The third subsection, “Preparation of Local Rituals” would seem to speak to it: 12. In addition to the faculty spoken of below in no. 17 for regions where the Roman Ritual for matrimony is used, … Continue reading

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Danneels on Liturgy: Homo Liturgicus

Today our associate pastor, Father Michael, gave me a copy of that America piece, we’ve begun to discuss. I like this guy. Both guys, actually. It’s a pleasant experience to have such a theologically-inclined person on staff. We had a … Continue reading

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Church Bingo Returns to the Natural State

Parishes in our neighbor to the south can revive bingo, I read. It’s been a long time since I worked in a parish that had bingo. It might be sixteen years–my first parish in suburban Chicago. A friend once told … Continue reading

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Our Friend

Our close friend whose medical condition recently worsened and whom we visited while on vacation last month died last Friday. Anita and I gave a brief thought to driving up for the funeral, but eight hours of round-trip driving was … Continue reading

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Tarantula Nebula

  The Astronomy Picture of the Day today is amazing enough. But please check the link on the ESO web page to enjoy the zoomable shot of this sublime beauty of a stellar nursery. Here’s the APD description with links: … Continue reading

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Not Impressed 9

I’m not impressed with the focus on these images. My finger hit the focus and I didn’t check the shot before sending. Count is clearly not impressed with Brittany’s corral and is making sure no horse escapes. At left, here’s … Continue reading

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A Spot of Sunshine

The rains paused for a little bit late this afternoon, and the sun shone on our church entrance as the dark clouds drifted off to the east. Maybe there’s something symbolic about this, but I just considered it a pretty … Continue reading

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